Devastated over her boyfriend's less than enthusiastic reaction to her pregnancy, Sawyer Garth decides to hit the road. After the stress she's suffered of late, a long road trip on her motorcycle is in order.

Sawyer doesn't bank on meeting good-looking rancher Jon-Tyler Holling. If ever a man defined sexy, it's Jon-Tyler. But having recently left one disastrous relationship, is Sawyer willing to open her heart to another man?

Although it is easy to see how opposites attract, the pregnant Sawyer seems a bit too unsettled to use as a heroine, so it's hard to believe that this couple could ever find their happily ever after. However, Jon-Tyler is the complete antithesis of Sawyer and provides some really interesting moments. When Unconditional picks up, it never seems to stop, and despite some of Sawyer's eccentricities, Guillaume's book makes for good reading. (Sep., 349 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton