Image of Unconditionally Single


Image of Unconditionally Single

Morrison presents a hard-hitting story that will pique readers' curiosity from the start. The author has the ability to continually create fresh and interesting topics for her novels. Morrison's talent is evident by the time you finish reading her first paragraph.

Honey Thomas, a former prostitute and madam, has created a center to help other prostitutes get out of the business. The one glitch in this good deed is that Honey has stolen a large sum of money from some very bad people to finance this endeavor.

After she's kidnapped, Honey's friends -- including the man she loves -- are on a mission to locate her and keep her safe. Meanwhile, the people she stole from are looking to retrieve their money and end her life. (DAFINA, Aug., 251 pp., $24.00)

Reviewed by: 
Eleanor S. Shields