When Eada of Pevensey's beloved friend Old Edith is struck down by a Norman warrior's horse, Eada's life is forever changed. Edith bequeaths all her possessions and her gift to Eada.

Edith also tells Eada that her soulmate is the Norman warrior and that to help the people she must submit to the change in their lives if they are to hold on to any of their Saxon heritage.

After a valiant fight, Eada surrenders to Drogo de Toulon. She discovers that Drogo has claimed her home and knows that the prophecy is true.

Irrevocably drawn to the fiery maiden, Drogo is unable to quell his burning desire. As Eada and Drogo surrender to fate, they find that Edith bequeathed more than lands and possessions to Eada.

The harrowing journey to Hastings is fraught with danger as the Normans' seek to claim the land and people for themselves and an old enemy of Drogo's seeks revenge. With Eada in constant danger of her gift of the sight being exposed, Drogo finds his hands full in more ways than one.

Once past secrets are revealed and London is secured by the Normans, Eada and Drogo must make decisions that will bind or separte them forever.

UNCONQUERED is a compelling tale that paints a vivid portrait of William's triamphant journey to the throne. Ms. Howell creates characters to cheer for and smile with. SENSUAL (Reissue, Oct., 349pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox