Betsy is back and ready to kick butt—with designer boots, of course! Davidson delivers more wildly witty, irreverent and just plain funny adventures in her patently hilarious style.

Six months into her new, undead life as Queen of the Vampires, Betsy Taylor discovers a huge family secret—her evil stepmother Antonia got pregnant prior to marrying Betsy's father and gave the child up for adoption. And, apparently, the devil took over Antonia's body for the pregnancy, which means that the baby, Laura, is the devil's daughter.

Betsy gets really ticked off when she learns that her consort/lover Eric Sinclair read about this in the Book of the Dead and didn't tell her. In his defense, he was not sure how to break the news, especially since, according to the book, Laura is destined to rule the world. So now Betsy needs to track down Laura and find out if world domination is on her to-do list.

(Jul., 288 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith