It’s timelines run amok in part two of the trilogy within Davidson’s madcap and long-running Queen Betsy series. Because of Betsy and her half-sister Laura’s time-traveling/visit-to-hell exploits in the previous book, events and even some characters have been slightly altered, leading to a truly mind-bending romp with a darker edge. But no matter what the timeline, Betsy is as wacky, selfish and hilariously self-absorbed as always!

With the crazy vampire Marc-Thing following them back from the future, Betsy realizes she needs the Book of the Dead to figure out what is going on; however, her half-sister Laura (aka the Antichrist) has stolen it. An infuriated Betsy storms straight ahead into even more convoluted weirdness, like waking up dead and naked in a Chicago morgue. As Betsy struggles to make things right, there is the frightening possibility they will only get worse! (BERKLEY SENSATION, Jul., 304 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith