This book had me snickering out loud. When it comes to writing hysterically funny vampire fiction, no one does it better than Davidson. She is in a class by herself.

Three months after Betsy Taylor died and rose as vampire queen, unlife still hasn't gotten any less complicated for her. Despite the insistence of other vampires, Betsy doesn't consider being "Queen" gainful employment. She needs a job, and considering her all-consuming shoe fetish, what better place than the Macy's shoe department?

Meanwhile, Betsy's extremely rich best friend Jessica and her roommate Marc decide Betsy's old termite-infested house is too small and dilapidated for the three of them, so Jessica moves the unusual bunch into an enormous mansion.

Betsy is trying her best to avoid the vampire world and its sinfully sexy king, Eric Sinclair. She still has not accepted that the two of them are apparently mated for 1,000 years. As if things weren't bad enough, someone is murdering vampires in St. Paul and it would appear to be Betsy's job to stop the perpetrators. Life can be such a pain when you are queen!

(Aug., 304 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith