Life, or unlife, continues to be
challenging and hysterical in the latest chapter of vampire maven Davidson's Undead series. Kind-hearted Betsy still views issues through an egocentric prism that makes her offbeat and hilarious. The only minuses are the short length of this novel and the unresolved issues that will leave readers clamoring for more. Long live Queen Betsy!

Zombies in the attic, European vampire delegations and a wedding to plan ... unlife certainly isn't dull for Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor. Also distracting Betsy is her upcoming birthday, which despite her protestations of not wanting a party, she is eagerly anticipating. The usual chaos takes on a darker tone when Betsy learns that something may be seriously wrong with her best friend, Jessica.

Juggling crises is not Betsy's forte, but these days she has no choice. Her relationship with Sinclair is strong, but Betsy's decision to swear off blood for her birthday is making her a tad cranky. Then there's small problem of the publication of an upcoming book based on her undead life. Betsy is going to have to deal with these tricky sets of issues -- in her own inimitable fashion, of course.

(Jun., 240 pp., $22.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith