The tone is decidedly more somber yet still outrageously wacky in the latest chapter of Davidson's long-running Undead series. This book's focus is split between the first-person musings of both Queen Betsy and her pal Dr. Marc Spangler as they face trouble on different fronts. A deft combination of outrageous humor and heartfelt sadness.

In the aftermath of werewolf Antonia's murder while saving Queen Betsy, Betsy and Sinclair plan to accompany Antonia's body back to New England, where the Wyndham pack is based. Because Antonia died with vampires, the werewolf council wants a full explanation. A guilt-stricken Betsy hopes for the best, but Sinclair fears a vampire/werewolf war could be in the making.

Back on the home front, Marc has his hands full when Laura, Betsy's half-sister and the daughter of the devil, goes off the deep end in an attempt to "help" Betsy. Can things get any weirder?

(BERKLEY SENSATION, Jun., 304 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith