When Gideon St. Goddard returns from Waterloo, he finds his home occupied by a pregnant woman whom he has agreed to marry. His deathbed promise to care for his friend's wife was made without his knowledge that she was pregnant. What ensues is this love story that is pure joy to this reader.

Gideon is shocked at his attraction to Sabrina and honors his promise. The Duke takes a Duchess and gets so much more: her twin boys, various misfits she brings into the house, his former mistress' wrath and most of all, the man who is trying get Sabrina back.

There's deviltry afoot as first Sabrina, believing Gideon is penniless, races in a horse race, and then, as the two must stave off a villain. The old adage "rakes make the best husbands" must be true if Gideon is the example. The delightful story, enchanting characters who steal your heart, a fast pace and great storytelling have me eager for the next volume in The Rogue's Club series. SENSUAL (Jul., 315 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner