Under Apache Skies is a story full of adventure that leads to lasting love.

The moment Martha Jean Flynn lays eyes on the "cowboy" at her door she knows that he's no cowboy. His hard, piercing eyes say it all. He's a dangerous man with a gun for hire who always hits his mark. And if anyone can help her find her missing sister, Danielle, who's been abducted by renegades, it's the sexy half-breed.

Ridge Longtree never stays in one place for very long—when you murder someone in every town you go through, it's a little hard to settle down. But when he chances upon a cozy ranch, he secretly longs for a life he knows he can never have. And when he meets Miss Martha Jean, she scorches his blood like no other woman ever has. She needs him to help find her sister, but if Ridge has his way, she'll be needing him for a whole lot more.

Baker writes with excitement. Her characters are exhilarating, adding lots of spark to her well-developed, fast-paced plot. SENSUAL (Sep. '04, 340 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Tanya Kacik