Image of Under a Blackberry Moon (Michigan Northwoods)


Image of Under a Blackberry Moon (Michigan Northwoods)

Miller revisits two likable but bland characters from The Measure of Katie Calloway and provides them with enough romantic obstacles and ripping adventures, plus the requisite happy ending. It’s an enjoyable, if somewhat forgettable, read.

Though grateful to the camp of white lumbermen who saved her life after her husband died, Moon Song is determined to return with her newborn child to the Chippewa, even if she has to walk through miles of untamed forest to get there. Isaac Ross, a former preacher known as Skypilot, won’t hear of it. It’s his duty to protect the defenseless young woman who nursed him back to health during a dangerous illness. But when an unforeseen accident strands them in the wilderness, Skypilot’s fondness for Moon Song turns to love as he comes to admire the determined, capable and deeply spiritual woman he once thought of as naïve as a child. (REVELL, Oct., 352 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Carolyn Martin