Image of Under the Blood Red Moon


Image of Under the Blood Red Moon

Hepsen bursts onto the scene with an intelligent and compelling vampire tale that chills the soul and warms the heart -- just what a good thriller should accomplish. The dark, edgy aura of the immortal realm is tempered by the clean prose and ordinary social mores of the era. There is a grace and sophistication in the writing that lures readers into the dark recesses of the vampire kingdom.

Russian Princess Angelica Belanov would rather hide away in the country, steeped in books, than attend a ball, but with the family fortune in shambles, she must marry well. She has the ability to read others' minds, and amid the flying thoughts in the ballroom she finds a kindred soul. Prince Alexander, the leader of the Eastern vampire clans, is in London hunting a rogue vampire. When their thoughts collide, Alexander believes Angelica is one of his kind and is stunned to learn she's mortal. Angelica is enthralled by the mystery man and follows him, only to discover the truth. Now he must place his trust in a human and the belief that she may be the one who can save his people -- as well as the woman whose passion unleashes his hungers. (Avon A, Oct., 321 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin