Bestselling author Phillips is back with lots more humor and zaniness. Offbeat and fun-loving characters give this book heart. Fans will be snatching up this one.

Professor Ariana Costas has avoided visiting her unconventional Greek family for years. She's never fit in with the quirky band of con artists, but when her twin sister, Zoe, goes missing, Ari must fly home.

Undercover cop Quinn Donovan and his partner worked on casino owner Alec Damon's case for two years. They're close to breaking it when Zoe Costas steps in the middle. In order to convince Damon of his loyalty, Quinn supposedly kills Zoe—who actually is being hidden in a safe house. Ari's arrival wreaks further havoc. Though Quinn tries to persuade Ari to leave, she is determined to stay in New Jersey and find out what happened to her sister.

(Jun., 271 pp., $18.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith