Image of Under the Boss's Mistletoe


Image of Under the Boss's Mistletoe

UNDER THE BOSS'S MISTLETOE (4.5) by Jessica Hart: Ten years ago, Jake Trevelyan kissed wedding planner Cassie Grey before climbing on his motorcycle and riding out of her life -- and neither has ever forgotten it. Now Jake's a CEO, serving as the trustee of a historic property in Cornwall, and he needs Cassie's help to transform it into a wedding venue. Simple enough, until Cassie arranges a promotional photo shoot, and Jake's "perfect" girlfriend ditches him. He asks Cassie to pretend to be his fiancee -- which works until they really fall in love! Well-written characters and believable conflict make the faux-engagement scenario work beautifully -- and the ending is simply excellent.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer