UNDER COVER is three interrelated stories molded into an anthology, beginning with "Sweet Strangers." Renee Jardin, head of security at Anodyne, is wrongly accused of stealing PaceIC, a product that could make millions and save lives. She literally runs into Eric Axelrod and the attraction is immediate. Renee didn't steal the PaceIC, so how and why did it wind up in her bag? Eric is determined to protect her and get to the bottom of everything.

Nearly ruined after the debacle at Anodyne, Peter Ransom disappears in "Lovely Lies." Almost broke, he finds an heiress, Lori Jamieson, passed out in his car. After inheriting a fortune upon the death of her mother, she's now on the run from her stepdad. Lori hires tough guy Peter to keep her safe and soon sees the gentle man beneath his gruff facade.

In "Delightful Deception," Anodyne now under the management of Dr. James Scrye, boy genius and millionaire. Jimmy bought Anodyne for one reason —Dr. Thea Foster, who was behind the disappearance of PaceIC and the framing of Renee. Can Jimmy melt this ice queen and help develop a new product to save Anodyne?

MaryJanice Davidson is a talented author who knows how to mix a great story and sex. UNDER COVER is well worth your time if you like your romance hot and your heroes hotter. (Oct., 400 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager