Image of Under Fire: The Firefighters of Station Five


Image of Under Fire: The Firefighters of Station Five

With plenty of hot sex, a virgin
hero, an evil villain, a suspenseful
mystery, heart-rending emotions
and delightfully familiar faces, Davis'
latest installment of her Firefighters of Station Five series delivers a totally entertaining experience.

Firefighter Zack Knight first meets Corrine Shannon when he rear-ends her SUV. Working her way through nursing school by exotic dancing, Cori is surprised by Zack's naïvete and sweetness. Their next meeting is with Cori's SUV hanging over the side of a bridge. Saving her life creates a bond between them that grows into real attraction. However, Zack has burdens that could literally be life-threatening, and Cori has a stalker. When circumstances have Zack living in Cori's home, he discovers they're connected in an appalling way -- one he doesn't want Cori to discover. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, May, 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley