Image of Under the Highlander's Spell


Image of Under the Highlander's Spell

The second volume in the Sinclare brothers' series is a passionate, exciting love story tinged with magic. The growth in Fletcher's characters is both heartwarming and enthralling. She delivers a romance that plays on the emotions.

Artair Sinclare is searching for his brother Ronan when he encounters Zia, the healer who cared for his injured brother, about to be burned as a witch. He rescues her with the proviso that she guide him to where Ronan is recovering.

Artair and Zia immediately feel a connection, and Artair assists her as she goes about her work. He asks her to accompany him home to help his pregnant sister-in-law. For their journey they pose as husband and wife, and as time passes, fall deeply in love. But they're followed by the witch hunters, and only a true marriage will save Zia from death. A dramatic revelation about her parents paves the way for their marriage. (Avon, Oct., 380 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin