An encounter with "the frost Fair," Lady Cynthia Fitzwilliam, leaves Derek Wittaker besotted. But without means, he could never hope to marry her.

Three years later, destiny brings them together again. No longer secretary to a lord, Derek has come into his birthright and is a wealthy gentleman with an estate of his own. Cynthia's betrothed has died, and her family has run through the dowry. Her controlling mother urges her to marry someone possessed of a great fortune.

But Cynthia begins to rebel against her mother's wishes as she and Derek renew the feelings they had for each other. Will fate be kind and give them another chance at love? With a feel for the Regency era and a fine, clean writing style enhanced by her characters' intense emotions, Farr delivers a charming, romantic read. SWEET (Apr., 346 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond