Image of Under The Millionaire's Influence (Silhouette Desire)


Image of Under The Millionaire's Influence (Silhouette Desire)
Starr Cimino's Gypsy childhood didn't instill the pretty entrepreneur with a lot of self-esteem, so her teenage affair with the son of a wealthy neighbor seemed doomed from the start. Now Starr's need to put down roots is at odds with David Hamilton's thirst for adventure, but the two can't seem to put the past behind them. When Starr's con artist family shows up to disrupt her life during one of David's rare visits home, he's determined to protect her from them -- and save her for himself. The poor girl-rich boy plotline may be overused, but in Catherine Mann's capable hands, Under the Millionaire's Influence (4) is a charming, amusing page-turner.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper