Image of Under the Radar (The Sisterhood)


Image of Under the Radar (The Sisterhood)

Michaels shakes up the Sisterhood series in this new outing, and it's all for the
better. Charles, their mentor, is abruptly called away, and the women have to fend for themselves from start to finish on their latest mission. It not only empowers them but further cements
their bonds. With all their old friends involved and a plot that centers around
a topic that's been front-page news,
the series feels as fresh as ever.

After their last mission, the women of the Sisterhood are hoping for some rest and relaxation. But a short time later, they learn that their mentor, Charles, is climbing into a helicopter, with only a cryptic note left behind.

With no time to digest what's happening, the women receive a call from retired judge Pearl Barnes, who runs an underground railroad that helps abused and displaced women. She's just rescued 14 pregnant teenagers from a polygamous sect and needs the Sisterhood's help to keep them safe. For the first time, the Sisterhood will have to go it alone. (ZEBRA, Jun., 320 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers