The intriguing premise of this series, which is now up to book five, is based on characters renouncing their old life for a new life fighting crime. The Network demands duty before love, but love always wins out. Readers may find the ending disappointing, however.

Six years ago, Gina Calhoun ran away from home and joined the Network, a covert organization that enforces absolute justice. She left her old life behind and became Justine Fielding. Now her superiors want Justine to resume her old life in order to investigate her father's suspicious death. The Network believes that Reggie Calhoun may have been a spy.

Justine's old flame, Alex Lynch, is fulfilling his dream of running her father's ranch. In fact, one of the reasons she fled in the first place was because Justine felt Alex rejected her in favor of her father and the ranch. The Network believes that Alex was working with Reggie to sell government secrets. Will Justine be able to concentrate on the investigation, or will her attraction to Alex cloud her judgment? (WHISKEY CREEK, Oct., 226 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Barb Anderson