Garlock is a masterful storyteller who recognizes what her audience craves and consistently delivers a sweet, nostalgic read that conveys the reality and romance of the era. Though there are clichés in the plot and within the characters, there is enough depth of emotion in Under a Texas Sky to satisfy her fans.

As a child growing up on the rough streets of Chicago, Anna Finnegan dreamed of being a star. She gets her big break when she’s cast as the lead in a Hollywood movie set to film on location in Redstone, Texas. Blacksmith Dalton Barnes isn’t so sure about the strangers invading his town, and he has his own problems with the local thugs who hold him responsible for his father’s gambling debts. Anna catches his attention the night she stumbles upon him in a brawl with the saloon owner’s henchmen. When mysterious accidents, a fire and a shooting plague the film set, Anna turns to Dalton for help in uncovering the truth. They discover that the price of falling in love is worth the danger and more precious then stardom. (GRAND CENTRAL, Aug., 384 pp., $30.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin