Ronin McTaver survives a murderous attack by the Serpent on his family and flees into Loch Nideon Forest with a sacred tapestry that holds the key to a legendary treasure.

When Kalial, princess and guardian of the forest, sees him enter the woods, she and her men attack. Ronin takes her hostage, believing that she's a boy. Kal feels an overwhelming attraction to Ronin, just as he experiences a strong need to protect the "boy." As they struggle to stay ahead of the Serpent, they become involved in a thrilling series of adventures that sweep them through fires, a Gypsy camp, battles with evil, an ocean voyage and a journey deep into their hearts.

Lord's debut is a powerful, highly romantic adventure with marvelous mystical overtones. Like a lush fairy tale, the story unfolds against a backdrop brimming with fascinating characters, a legend of grand proportions and magical animals such as the panther-like Scottish wildcat. SENSUAL (Feb., 417 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin