After her brother's marriage, Natalie Whittaker becomes an outsider in her own home. An unexpected meeting with a troubled young girl named Sarah opens the door to opportunity and love. Natalie's friendship with Sarah exposes the cruelty of the girl's governess and convinces her father, Malcolm, to hire Natalie to care for his daughter.

But no unmarried woman of Natalie's station can move into a man's home unless they are married. Natalie never dreamed of marrying for anything but love, but Malcolm's offer comes at a time when she is vulnerable. As Natalie helps to find the root of Sarah's problem, Malcolm steals her heart.

Lovely, tender and touching, this is a sweet, engaging read. No one will be immune to Sarah's charm, and though Natalie's brother and sister-in-law seem like stock villains, everything else in this delightful romance works beautifully. SENSUAL (Sep., 352 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin