What do you get when you cross a supernatural Social Security office with a sort of DMV? The Underworld Detection Agency, that’s what. Readers are in for a treat as Jayne kicks off a funny, irreverent UF series featuring Sophie Lawson, a human with an immunity to magic who works with the supernatural. If this book is any evidence, then Jayne has a bright future ahead! Great fun!

Unlike most “breathers,” Sophie Lawson is fully aware of various paranormal populations that inhabit San Francisco. In fact, she deals with their paperwork all the time in her job at the Underworld Detection Agency. Sophie’s best friend and roommate is a fashionista vampire and her boss, Peter Sampson, is a werewolf. Their offices are located beneath the San Francisco Police Department, although few people know it is there. However, when several gruesome murders occur that look suspiciously like the work of a supernatural, Sophie is assigned to help human detective Parker Hayes find out the truth. Things get chaotic when Peter disappears. Poor Sophie is in way over her head! (KENSINGTON, Mar., 345 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith