Image of Undercover


Image of Undercover

Dane has written a sizzling, delicious tale of love lost, found and expanded.
The M/F/M triad is as endearing as it
is molten hot. The friction between Sera and Ash as they resolve their past is intense, and with Brandt added to the
mix, it's nothing short of explosive. An adrenaline-filled, suspenseful subplot keeps the reader engaged.

Federation subcommander Sera Ayers has spent 10 years loathing Ash Walker, even as much as she still desires him. When he and his best friend, paracommander Brandt Pela, require a third to join their covert team to uncover Imperialist sympathizers, they enlist Sera. Asked to be Brandt and Ash's concubine as part of an undercover plot, Sera comes undone -- both in and out of the bedroom. (Heat, Dec., 329 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Bella March