When Blythe Smithers' boss at
the interior design company leaves
on a business trip, there is an open appointment with Tony Driscoll, the hunky masseur who comes to the
office every day. Blythe has lusted after
him for months, and the chance to
have his hands all over her is too
tempting to resist. When he's willing
to go further, she decides to have a
passionate fling. But she knows it's
just sex, not a relationship. He isn't ambitious enough to be Mr. Right.

But Tony is really an undercover FBI agent investigating a diamond smuggling ring. He doesn't suspect Blythe is part of the crime and is tempted to ask her to help with the investigation. But first he'll investigate his overwhelming attraction to her. As they team up to look for the diamonds, they discover that someone
is willing to kill for them.

This book has an interesting
plot, sympathetic characters, hot
sex and exciting twists. (Apr. '05,
164 pp., $13.50)

Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor