Burned-out special agent Carter Sinclair accepts his last undercover assignment. For personal reasons, it won't be an easy one—he must pretend to be married to a woman from his past, FBI analyst Tori Lowell, for one last undercover job. Celebrities are being blackmailed after staying at a resort run by a sex therapist and they're supposed to find the connection. Spending time together in sexy circumstances fans an attraction that's still potent, even after three years—but Tori's reluctant to get involved because this assignment is her ticket out into the field, and the key to her esteem issues—but she's got to learn to trust Carter before it can all come together. Julie Kenner's latest, UNDERCOVER LOVERS (3) has a somewhat overused plotline, but that's balanced by Ms. Kenner's ear for dialogue, gift for characterization and deft touch with believable conflict.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer