Image of Underground (Greywalker, Book 3)


Image of Underground (Greywalker, Book 3)

It's round three of the tantalizing first-person adventures of P.I. and Greywalker Harper Blaine. Utilizing the famous Seattle Underground as well as segments of local history, Richardson crafts a creepy and downright scary supernatural thriller. Harper grows more interesting and complicated with each book.

For his own reasons, Harper's mysterious friend Quinton has dropped off the grid, but when a number of local homeless people begin disappearing and body parts start turning up, he gets concerned. Knowing about Harper's growing expertise in the shadowy world, Quinton requests her help. As they try to locate the missing, the trail leads to the city beneath the city, the Seattle Underground. When even vampires deny having anything to do with the deaths, you know the creature involved must be terrifying. Figuring out what it is is only the first step. (ROC, Aug., 352 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith