Image of The Undomestic Goddess


Image of The Undomestic Goddess

Shopaholic series author Kinsella delivers another charming chick lit confection in this stand-alone novel.

London corporate lawyer Samantha Sweeting is on the verge of making partner when she discovers her mistake has cost a client £50 million. In shock, she leaves the office, wanders onto a train and ends up in the rural Cotswolds. She knocks on the door of an estate, looking only for a glass of water, and is mistaken for an aspiring housekeeper.

In typical screwball--and yes, slightly incredulous--Kinsella fashion, Sam gets the job and begins a surprisingly relaxed new life. So what if she can't cook or clean? Scrummy gardener Nathaniel offers salvation in the form of domestic lessons from his mother. But when Sam happens upon a chance to clear her name and get her old job back, she'll have to make some hard deci-sions about what kind of life she wants for herself.

The breezy tone and mishap-laden plot are Kinsella trademarks, but for the first time, the heroine's troubles stem from being a fish out of water rather than naive or foolish. Sam's story is surprisingly poignant, and she and Nathaniel are a sweet couple. The abrupt ending leaves hope for a sequel. (Jul., 374 pp., $23.00)

Reviewed by: 
Tara Gelsomino