Image of Undone (The Amoveo Legend)


Image of Undone (The Amoveo Legend)

Humphreys’ Amoveo series kicks into high gear with this latest installment. With favorite characters returning and the introduction of some charming new ones, Undone really shines. The hero and heroine initially struggle with their burgeoning attraction, but Humphreys’ skillful storytelling is so intriguing, you’ll have a hard time putting this book down.

Marianna Coltari is unaware that she is in danger from the Purists, the Amoveo group that believes its members should not mate with humans. As a precaution, her brother Dante has hired a human bodyguard to keep an eye on her. Since the bodyguard is human, Marianna must be careful not to use her powers in front of him. Human Pete Castro feels an explosive attraction to Marianna, and he’ll do anything — no matter how drastic -— to protect her from the Purists. Will he be able to save Marianna, or will he die trying? (SOURCEBOOKS, May, 288 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson