Readers will enjoy how Brendan and Paige are friends before rushing into a relationship, which gives Paige time to grow as a person. Throughout the story, she deals with joy and love, along with tragedy and pain, each bringing her closer to the person she was meant to be, and through it all Brendan is her rock. These characters are rich and deep, so expertly written that they feel like friends, and the best news of all is that this small-town series is set to continue!

Paige Morrison has lost just about everything. Now she’s living with her parents in Mirabelle, Fla., aka mosquito hell, where her bohemian appearance and smart mouth stands out amongst the small-town population — making it impossible to find a job. Brendan King has seen Paige (and her mile-high legs and teeny shorts) around town, but he knows better than to believe gossip. After getting the call to tow her car, he decides to help her find a job, make some friends and maybe even find a permanent place — with him — in Mirabelle. (FOREVER-ROMANCE.COM, dl $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty