Image of Undone Deeds (Connor Grey)


Image of Undone Deeds (Connor Grey)

Over the course of Del Franco’s impressive series, his damaged yet determined hero Connor Grey has fought to protect Boston and its residents from a variety of evils. Powerful themes of choice and change follow Connor as he finally unlocks the mystery behind the dark mass embedded in his brain. Connor is a truly amazing protagonist, and his exploits and character arc provide some of the best UF adventures around. Bravo, Mr. Del Franco, very well done!

The Wheel of the World turns again and Connor finds himself at the epicenter of a developing Fey war. Not only does Connor have a dark mass in his brain, now he’s got the Faith Stone embedded there, following his deadly showdown with the Teutonic Elven King. Wrongly branded a terrorist, Connor has gone underground to work with Meryl, Eorla Elvendottira and Ceridwen as they search for a way to stop Celtic Queen Maeve from starting a Fey war. All of Connor’s life has been leading to this, and what he learns is mind boggling. (ACE, Feb., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith