UNDONE BY HER TENDER TOUCH (4) by Maya Banks: One night of passion and one broken condom equals one unplanned pregnancy and the beginning of the relationship between caterer Pippa Laingley and billionaire Cam Hollingsworth. Since Cam lost his wife and son in an accident, he’s kept his heart closely guarded, but he can’t keep Pippa and his child in the background. Prickly and independent, Pippa agrees to allow Cam to remain in the child’s life, but she’s determined to protect her heart despite their sizzling chemistry. While Pippa can be difficult, it’s hard not to like the forthright woman. It’s Cam, however, that readers will be drawn to as he struggles against his fears — both of love and parenthood — to be sure Pippa has everything she needs, even if he can’t give her the one thing she really wants: his love.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper