Image of Undone by Moonlight


Image of Undone by Moonlight
UNDONE BY MOONLIGHT (2) by Wendy Etherington: Three books into the Flirting With Justice series, and we finally get to the pairing of travel writer Calla Tucker and detective Devin Antonio. After Devin is suspended for assault due to an obvious frame job, he and Calla’s crime-solving crew are out to clear his name. Unfortunately the premise is rather ludicrous, and the romantic pairing in this book does not seem well balanced. While Calla is pleasant enough, Devin makes a pretty pathetic hero — he’s moody, overprotective and quick to drink. Hopefully, with the three ladies in the trio coupled up, this will be the final book in a series that unfortunately missed the mark more often than it succeeded at being hip, light and humorous.
Reviewed by: 
Kim Jefferson