Eli Connors hires mercenary Ray Vereker, sight unseen, to rescue his brother in Central America. Imagine Eli's surprise when he discovers that his hardcore mercenary is a woman. From their first encounter, Ray continues to surprise Eli: She's sharp, tough and too defensive to let anyone get too close. But that's one battle Eli is willing to wage, even though she fights him every step of the way.

Ray's attraction to Eli is dangerous because it distracts her from her mission. They manage to free Eli's brother, but once they're all out of danger Ray disappears. Somehow Eli must find and convince Ray he truly loves her.

The talented Lori Foster does it again. Touching characters, snappy dialogue and heated sensuality are only part of what makes this a marvelous book. Readers can expect emotionally engrossing, realistic characters that captivate in this spicy, spicy story. (Sep., 384 pp., $12.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager