When his heir is killed in a hunting accident, Peter Augustus Frobisher, the seventh Earl of Darleston, realizes he must take another wife. Unfortunately, Peter's first wife was a shrew of the highest sort, and Peter is reluctant to trust another woman.

When he attends the Marriage Mart at Almack's Assembly Rooms, Peter decides he is ready to wed again. Quite the prize, he certainly has his pick. He dances with Miss Ffolliot, who seems shy and demure at first. But Peter is enthralled with her after two accidental meetings.

Later, Miss Ffolliot's brother attempts to cheat Peter at cards, but Peter turns this contemptible action to his advantage: He will ask for her hand in return for her brother's debts.

There's a twin twist, including a mix-up of brides, but Peter soon discovers that the woman he married has another secret, and she indeed is an extraordinary heroine who surmounts handicaps.

The Unexpected Bride is a delightful Regency romance, filled with tender emotions, deceit and intrigue. Peter's true kind and gentlemanly nature shines through. This captivating read is brought to a stunningly exciting conclusion, eliciting tears of joy and happiness. SWEET (Nov., 304 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor