Image of An Unexpected Clue


Image of An Unexpected Clue

AN UNEXPECTED CLUE (4.5) by Elle James: Following orders, FBI agent Ben Parrish leaves his six-months-pregnant wife, Ava, to go deep undercover into crime lord Nicky Wayne's operation. When he's discovered, Ben is kept captive for months, tortured, starved and drugged. He escapes and discovers he's suspected of being Wayne's accomplice. Can Ben get to Ava, the Kenner County forensic scientist, before Wayne discovers she holds the key to another dead crime lord's fortune? After Ben shows up in her bedroom in the dead of night, the pair is soon fleeing for their lives. James ties together all the clues and storylines in the Kenner County Crime Unit series with surgical precision, slicing out the fluff and stitching together a cast of outstanding characters and plots.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper