Wine is an expert at crafting fascinating medieval romances. Her heroes are true noblemen, who are fighting for what they want and defending those who are weaker than themselves. The women are strong, doing what they must to protect the men they love. Unexpected Pleasures is a gritty and tender story that will definitely keep you turning pages.

Lady Justina Wincott’s guardian, Viscount Biddeford, intends to sell her to the highest bidder and use her young son to keep her in line. Synclair, Baron Harrow, comes to claim Lady Justina. While she’s attracted to Synclair, she knows she’s not free. Synclair wants to make Justina his wife, and Justina can’t resist him. When he’s put under house arrest, Justina returns to Whitehall. When it seems that Biddeford has married her friend under duress and given Justina away, will Synclair arrive in time to save her? (BRAVA, Jun., 368 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager