A fun, rollicking start to an exciting new series concept. Thirteen authors are writing 12 stories connected by one event: the crime committed here in book one. Douglas has a knack for new adult, her protagonist Sasha has a harder edge than your average NA heroine — she’s not terribly damaged, but she does sometimes do cocaine (though she’s trying to quit) and she enjoys sex — which is refreshing. And the hero, oh the hero, steals the show here. Adam is hot, hot, hot and readers will want him as badly as Sasha does.

Sasha “Sugar” Kovac is trying to keep her head down at her coffee shop job, her nose out of any cocaine and her body away from her drug-dealing ex. That she’s seriously got the hots for her ex’s cousin Adam, well, that’s too bad. Everything changes in an instant when a man attacks her at work and is shot dead by one of the bystanders. The group agrees to take the money he had stashed in his car, hide the body and never speak of the incident ever again. Sasha takes the drugs the man had on him to her ex, and that’s when things go from bad to worse. Will Adam be able to help? Will Sasha let him? (UNFILTEREDBOOKS.COM, dl $0.99, E, 18 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Marie Bongiorno