When reporter Christy Madaris finds her life in jeopardy after investigating a female slave-trading ring, childhood crush Alex Maxwell comes to her aid. Years ago he broke her heart when he refused to marry her. Now that she's grown up, Alex can't deny that Christy is all woman—and a beautiful one at that.

Christy isn't one to forgive and forget so easily, and just because Alex wants her now doesn't mean that she'll make herself ready and willing. But his kisses make her body betray her words.

Jackson is a master at juggling two plots at a time, and Unfinished Business proves no exception. A perfect balance of tension and chemistry is created as Christy and the somewhat domineering Alex battle unknown criminals—as well as their unresolved attraction to each other. Longtime readers of her Madaris series will delight in getting updates on characters from previous novels. (Apr., 301 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton