Tahoe attorney Nina Reilly is in serious trouble. Her car has been stolen and although it's recovered, she had case files in the car that are nowhere to be found. Nina fears that if the files fall into the wrong hands, her clients can be in serious jeopardy on several levels.

When Nina's fears are realized, it's not just her clients who are in trouble: Someone is using the information to make it seem that Nina is corrupt. With the bar holding proceedings to revoke her license, Nina must look to the two men in her life—her lover, PI Paul van Wagoner, and her former husband, attorney Jack McIntyre—to help prove there's someone out to destroy her career.

UNFIT TO PRACTICE is a lightning-paced read, highlighted by the fascinating cases Nina takes on. Fans will also enjoy the situation that brews between Nina, her ex and her lover. Although this is a suspenseful read, longtime fans may realize immediately who's causing Nina's problems. (Aug., 422 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg