Image of Unforgettable


Image of Unforgettable

On a cold stormy night, Maui Search and Rescue team member Greg Braxton is putting his dog Dodger through the final rigorous phase of disaster dog training. To Greg's consternation, Dodger finds an injured woman trapped in a car that has gone over a cliff. Amazingly, beyond cuts and bruises, the woman only seems to be suffering from a concussion. The head injury, however, turns out to be more complicated than first appears. She is suffering from a rare condition where all episodic memory is permanently erased. The woman Greg has named "Lucky" will never remember who she is.

Unfortunately the car she was found in was stolen, and one of the mismatched shoes she had belonged to a murder victim. Who is Lucky and what has she been involved in? According to files and fingerprint banks, Lucky has never existed.

Greg's estranged brother Cody, who is also Police Chief, is determined to prove that Lucky is a criminal before she can emotionally injure his brother. Nothing about Lucky makes any sense, and those who know the truth are not talking. In fact, they are relieved, for if Lucky's origins were discovered, she would have to be permanently erased.

Run, don't walk for your copy of award-winning author Meryl Sawyer's piSce de rsistance. Powerful and filled with emotional intensity, you won't forget UNFORGETTABLE. (Jan., 461 pp, $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith