When her kitten is injured by a local bully, Katie bravely requests help from her neighbor, Spooky Silas Koole. Silas drives her to Ben Ferguson, the new veterinarian in town. These small actions result in dire consequences, as Silas is sent away to the foster care system and Katies mother commits suicide shortly thereafter.

Eighteen years later, Katie is married to Ben and helping him with his practice. Unfortunately, except for her loving husband, Katie is still isolated and alone. One day, she passes by the old Koole house and realizes that someone is living there. It seems that Silas has returned and has brought with him the dark seeds of terror. A serial killer has been stalking the area for decades, and Silas has an unusual psychic connection to both the killer and Katie. Silas fears the killer is about to turn his attention in her direction.

Tina Wainscott kicks off her foray into the suspense genre in a very big way. UNFORGIVABLE is gripping, gritty and quite terrifying. (Nov., 368 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith