Favorite storyteller Mary Balogh returns with an emotionally shattering romance. Two lovers, separated by tragedy and war, get an unexpected second chance at happiness.

It has been eight years since the relationship between Kenneth Woodfall, Earl of Haverford, and Miss Moira Hayes ended in bitter betrayal.

When he returns home after years of fighting on the Peninsula, he finds that the time apart has not dimmed the fierce attraction between them, despite the still very real enmity she bears him for her brother's death.

Even so, it is perhaps time to reach some sort of accommodation if they are to live in the same Cornish community.

Moira is engaged to her father's obsequious heir, while Kenneth searches for a suitable bride.

However, these plans go out the window after a disastrous impulse strands them together one bitter winter's night.

Is there any way they can build a lasting love under such circumstances?

Although it takes almost too long for the wall between the two lovers to start to crumble, Ms. Balogh does fashion a compelling portrait of two lonely people who finally find their heartsease. (Jan., 320 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer