UNFORGOTTEN is a tale that readers wish would never end. Ms. Leigh makes her characters human and lovable, and her ending utterly satisfying. This is definitely a "keeper."

Collier Marrow has just lost his beloved, Aryn Viscott. When Collier sees a portrait of Catherine Algeron, who fought to the death for her home and for the doomed Lancaster King Henry during England's War of the Roses, Collier is struck by her resemblance to Aryn.

As he approaches the painting, he is pulled into a vortex and is sent back to the 15th century. When Collier finds himself in the midst of the War of the Roses, he must choose sides and adjusts to the time he has been thrust into.

Believing that Aryn is the reincarnation of Catherine, Collier feels that fate has given him a second chance. As Collier Gilchrist, a common soldier who becomes a knight, he can show his passion and love to Catherine. But will he be able to leave his past in the future?

(Mar., 385 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer