In this sequel to Secrets, Lance Michelli is determined to keep everything above-board this time. Rese Barrett has given him a second chance to win her heart, so he'd better not mess up. Lance and Rese travel from California to his home in New York to clear up the mysteries of his grandmother Antonia's murky past.

In Secrets, Antonia sent him to her ancestral California home to find and bury her grandfather's remains, but Lance's sleuthing uncovered more than bones— a shocking connection to the Prohibition-era mob. Now, as long-ago secrets threaten to be revealed, Antonia resists Lance's efforts to fully expose the past. With answers come responsibilities so horrifying that lives hang in the balance, and Lance's future with Rese seems doomed.

Heitzmann tells a complex and intriguing tale with depth of both characterization and plot. The story concludes with a delightful and unexpected twist. (Aug., 416 pp. $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson