Image of Unguarded


Image of Unguarded
UNGUARDED (4.5) by Tracy Wolff: Nearly destroyed by a violent rape a few years earlier, former investigative journalist Rhiannon Jennings now works as a party planner for her best friend because she can’t stand to go back to her old job. Still tortured and living a half-life due to her experience, she’s forced back into the land of the living when she meets graphic novelist Shawn Emerson. Hired by Shawn to help plan a party, Rhiannon is continuously forced into Shawn’s presence, and in spite of her fear, she longs to form a relationship with the 29-year-old, who is nearly 11 years her junior. Wolff does an amazing job depicting Rhiannon’s fear and insecurity, as well as Shawn’s desire to help her get over both. The attraction between the two seems real and the use of an older woman with a man quite a few years younger is quite relevant in today’s society.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay