In UNICORN VENGEANCE, the conclusion to the Unicorn trilogy, Genevieve de Perille is determined to find her brother's killer, the Knight Templar Wolfram.

Genevieve travels to Paris with her lute and a little money. She realizes much too late how difficult it will be to find the man who poisoned her brother, but attracted by the sounds of her lute, Wolfram follows the songs to Genevieve. He knows he must fight his attraction to both the music and the musician because it is against his vows; and though she has sworn to kill Wolfram, Genevieve is unable to deny her own attraction.

The Master of the Templars is the key to the plot and the singer, Odo, is the catalyst that causes Wolfram and Genevieve to flee Paris to find true love.

The plot and dialogue are somewhat trite and stilted for the era. However, if medieval France holds an interest for you, UNICORN VENGEANCE will round out your understanding of the era. SWEET (Nov., 350 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner