In the second Outcast Season
book, Caine picks the story up right where she left off. Cassiel has been changed by the events of the first volume, and it's gratifying to see these changes integrated into her thoughts
as well as her deeds. Yet, this offering doesn't advance the main story much, and readers may be left wanting more. Fans of Caine's Weather Wardens series will enjoy this book; newcomers would be advised to start with Undone.

Cassiel was a powerful djinn for thousands of years, until she was transformed into a human for defying the wishes of her leader. Now, after finding refuge among the Wardens, she finds unexpected strength in her human form.

It's taken some time, but Cassiel has stopped loathing humanity and has even developed a kind of affection for them -- especially for Luis Rocha, the Warden charged with her oversight. Embroiled in the search for missing Warden children, Luis and Cassiel must learn to trust and rely on each other in the face of a most perilous foe if they wish to survive. (ROC, Feb., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs